Communicate with your target audience on a personal level

Why sponsor a venue booklet?

Direct Marketing

This will give your business a chance to further service the needs of the venue and the community, marketing to thousands within your area.

Targeted Marketing

Incredibly targeted marketing handed out by venue operators, building trust and leads for your business.

Return on Investment

Our clients have given us constant positive feedback through this local advertising.

Increase Your Brand
Awareness & Reputation

Building you a reputation like no other.

Support Your Community

The sponsorship provides your local venue with
booklets supporting your community.

Professional Design Services

Your ad will be designed by our
in-house team of graphic designers.

advertising process

Secure Your Exclusive Spot

Artwork Designed


Booklets in Circulation

How Can Celebrate Together help you?

Celebrate Together work with you to build a professional relationship between local venues and your business.

Through these connections your business will be seen by more of your target audience, increasing leads and giving your business a positive return on investment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to allow all venues across Australia access to high quality, custom materials without the price.

Whilst at the same time, supporting local businesses and building strong working relationships.